Any enquiries call Rhonda Harvey at 9408-1364 or 9408-1264

We are one of Victorias oldest breeders. For further information regarding puppies or stud fees contact Miss Rhonda Harvey on any of the phones above.


My name is Rhonda Harvey and I have been breeding Great Danes for over thirty years I have a lovely property just north of Melbourne where I have my boarding kennels for cats and dogs and I breed my magnificent gentle giants. My love for the noble breed began when I was 12 years old I used to bring my sisters Danes down to stay with me in the city I would rush home from school every night just to spend my time with them and take them for walks- I knew I was HOOKED this breed was what I wanted to spend the rest of my life learning more about and hoping to breed the per. Breeder of Fawns, Brindles, Black and Harlequins .


Home of best in show, group, royals and breed shows. Importer of the first American Dane to be brought into the country by a breeder. By the time I was 15 I left school, I could not take to being locked up in a classroom, I just wanted to be outside with animals,so I went to live with my sister in the country - we there has a piggery and of course the Danes - I worked there for a couple of years breeding and selling my own little pigs (large white and saddleback) saved up enough money take my self to the States.


At 17 I left Australia to go to California to study everything I could about my magnificent giants. I was very fortunate I went stay with a lady called Carolyn Mobley who at that time was one of California's top breeders she had the "Jecamo's" prefix I lived with Carol for two years where I studied whelping, nutrition training of stud dogs, puppy rearing, and colour breeding and genetics, I must thank Carolyn for the majority of knowledge I have to day In 1970 I returned to Australia and started my own Kennels with my Underane prefix, my foundation bitch "Franconia Lady Jane then her daughter Aust Ch Franconia Zarena I imported my first bitch from the States "Jecoma's Bourbons Laurie then Jec Mr California a beautiful fawn dog who produced many top winning danes then my black boy Jec Old Crow these made up the start of my American lines I then brought out a fawn bitch Jecs Look me over followed by Jecs Grand Slam then from Hawaii Runny mead Fondue v Kie-dane My most recent import in 2000 is my beautiful black dog Jecomos Parisian Night (Paris) I have gone onto breed many champions and royal show winners both locally and Interstate in the 30 odd years I have been in the dog world and only hope I can continue doing so much more for the breed in the years to come.


Other stud dogs available for 2002 from may. Underane Gladiator (A.I) brindle The most recent import - Jecamos Parrisian Night - a stunning solid Black male with size, elegance and temperament whose pups are just starting to make their presence in the show ring and taking Grouping show awards. Also standing at stud. Underanes Simply the best and a strong sound Brindle from top and American and Swedish bloodlines.